If you just installed Freenet PLEASE increase the size of the datastore!!!
Try to make it at least several gigabytes. The more people do this, the better the Freenet/Frost experience will become!

Frost and Freenet are works in progress. Some days they will work better, other days worse. Update your snapshot often.

At least Java 1.6 is required to run Frost.

Download the latest version from Sourceforge:

Release notes:

List of most important changes:
(Please see release_nodes.txt file included in the package, for a comprehensive list of all changes.)

Freenet download keys:
 On Freenet 0.7:

To check the authenticity of the files:
     File   :
     Key    : CHK@iMDTvY2a3-8KHIPW6ItLbiW8fHdyNVRTd6mn9Oq3dVk,-3d0-cu0GQsrRz7mQzIzLroQYGCVRk~64~l00poyv48,AAIC--8/
     Bytes  : 4548644
     MD5    : f2403c58c390ec82d4c638300e758d8c
     SHA256 : 3b7cb0ed3be5a32f1e5fd6099da1304e7abefbdababf52f15397d110a607f61c

     File : frost_source-2011-05-03.rar
     Key  : CHK@QqzrVR~aiZoLfcAmnCbyFUxCXyFBFsy8gT7rGmy3n3g,ZKFyMvtmkdYXhyYjjOiG7DcrNT9ArlTCMMVsh4tdkvs,AAIC--8/frost_source-2011-05-03.rar
     Bytes: 5917988
     MD5    : 363837d56e62a40efb9287da69831eb6
     SHA256 : 0d49500516e1993c82c256de5baad1030a8508197506939c03b302d9a770c9f5

Source code:

You can download the source code, or check the developer page for details how to get the source code from the repository.